Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to the Blenders and Juicers UK blog.

If you’re thinking about investing in a blender or juicer in the UK, then this site is for you. We’ll be rating and testing some of the best blenders and juicers out there to help you make an informed decision when buying one.

This blog will also be providing general information on blenders and juicers for example, we’ll be posting cleaning and maintenance tips as well as useful recipes to help you get the most out of your blenders and juicer.

It’s important when investing in something as expensive as a juicer to really consider and weigh up all your options and look at exactly what’s on offer out there. It can be overwhelming to a first time buyer to see just how much choice and how many wonderful promises some manufacturers make. We are going to help you sift through the marketing material and tell you exactly how good some of these products are.

Why buy a blender or juicer?

There is a reason blenders, juicers and smoothie makers have become so popular recently. People have realized just how easy it can be to lose weight and improve their diet when using them. These sorts of devices can be used to make delicious meal replacement shakes than can form and excellent part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Eating a smoothie is also a way to consume healthy foods without sacrificing on taste or fullness as other diets demand. By including foods that you enjoy in your smoothies, as well as salads which you perhaps aren’t as fond of, you can get all the goodness that you need without even really trying.

Blending and juicing your meals isn’t just another fad diet. The method is based on solid scientific studies and evidence. Studies have shown that liquifying your meals can make you feel fuller for longer whilst allowing you to absorb more essential nutrients and vitamins from your meals.

So sit back and enjoy the blog, there’s plenty of informative posts to come!



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