How healthy are juicer diets?

Thinking of starting a juicer diet? We all know that are a multitude of diet choices out there, so why should you follow a juicer diet over any other and what are the health benefits to you?

Following a juicer diet does have many advantages that other diets don’t. For example most juicer recipes include a good portion of your recommended daily allowance of fruit and veg, making it easy for you to stay healthy while on your diet.

\when trying to eat healthy, a lot of people find eating salad and vegetables challenging, a juicer diet overcomes this by making your meal replacement juice both tasty and enjoyable usually because your mix ingredients that you aren’t overly fond of with those that you enjoy. It is often best to incorporate at least two or three portions of fruit and veg in your juices, preferably ones that differ in colour to ensure that you’re getting the full range of vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

Get your daily dosage of fiber

Another great advantage of following a juicer diet is that you’re likely to get high amounts of fiber in your diet. Fiber is found in most fruit and veg in large quantities, by including them in your recipes you ensure that you are getting plenty of it.

To take advantage of these high levels of fiber in the fruit your using be sure to reintroduce some of the solids that your juicer machine may extract that would otherwise go to waste. It is these solids that are extracted that contain the actual fiber that you need in your diet.

Should you not want to reintroduce pulp to your juice, it is possible to use some of the solids left over in other recipes within you diets. Orange solids can be used to make delicious soups and broths for example.

Do you need to buy a juicer?

So do you actually need a juicer to make your juices? Actually no, you have a few options available to you. A number of the more expensive blenders out there are perfectly capable of breaking down pulp into small enough pieces that you feel like there is none, this way your drinks contain all of the fibre, vitamins and minerals of the ingredients your using, so this can be a good option.

Another more time consuming option available to you is to use your ordinary every day blender to create a blend and then sieve the results, this is another more time consuming way of removing pulp and again you do miss out on some of that great fiber and vitamins that your ingredients contain.

Something to consider when juicing

Although the ingredients that you use in various juicing recipes are usually good for you, you need to be careful with how many of them that you actually consume. It’s very easy to eat far more fruit than you normally would, these fruit although good for you can contain high levels of natural sugars that can add un-needed calories to your diet. Just watch that you don’t fall into this trap!


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