Tips before starting juicing and detoxifying

This post is going to be all about detoxing and great tips to do this. There are a multitude of different detox diets out there that can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the right one for you. It’s to important to understand when considering the various diets out there that they all aim to do the same thing.

You’re best bet when trying to choose one of these diets is to listen to your body and doing what you think is really going to work and realising that you don’t have to follow and extreme detox diet in order for your detox to be effective.

While many people out there promote detoxing for weight loss, the primary goal of detoxing is to cleanse your bodies of impurities and toxins and not for losing weight. Generally detoxing is a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight in the long term, this is because you typically put back on the weight that you lost during your detox period when you resume eating normally again.

You can detox anywhere form 3 days to 3 weeks and beyond. Try and do what you’re capable of. One day of detoxing is definitely better than no days. Detoxing can help relieve pain, improve your overall health and deal with afflictions such as skin issues.

The first recommendation for detoxing is to start drinking more water. You should aim to do this even before you start detoxing. Try and always have a bottle of water on you wherever you go during the day, this can greatly improve the quantities of water that you take on board as you’re effectively making it a habit and something that you don’t have to make an effort to do.

My next tip before you start detoxing is to exercise. Exercising generally improves your overall health and gets your heath going. If you never work out, over time your muscles can waste away and become ineffective, exercise alleviates this. Exercise also benefits you by improving your circulation and therefore making your body more efficient of getting rid of toxins.

So what are the things that I need to eliminate from my diet?

There are actually quite obvious and you probably know about the substances that I’m going to mention. I’m talking about alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. By eliminating these alone you are likely to feel and overall improvement in your health.

Next try and eliminate junk foods. These are foods that have very little nutritious value and are typically fried and processed. In a similar fashion, it’s a great idea to eliminate processed foods. This prevents you from adding further toxins to your body unnecessarily.

Finally to decrease the stress on your digestive system before you detox, start eliminating dairy products from your diet. Dairy products cause inflammation in your body and are hard to break down. Give you digestive system a rest and cut them out.


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