Honest Nutribullet UK Reviews

One of my favorite juicing products out there at the moment is the Nutribullet. I own one myself and I can’t get enough of this small yet powerful extractor. Notice how I referred to it as an extractor rather than a blender. This is because rather than functioning like a typical blender it has patented extractor blades that are responsible for getting every single drop of nutrition out of the ingredients that you use.

Personally I can’t speak highly enough about it. I’ve had mine for just over year and not only do I use it everyday but I tell everyone about it too. Most of my friends and family now own them too and their equally as happy with them.

So what makes the Nutribullet so great?

Firstly itt does exactly what it claims to do. It takes fruits, vegetables nuts, grains and seeds and breaks them down into some very smooth smoothies, with no pulp!

Secondly it’s very affordable in comparison to other high end smoothie and juicer machines out there. Not only is it reasonably priced though, you get a lot for your money. The Nutribullet boasts a powerful motor and even more powerful extractor blades that do all the hard work when breaking down your hard ingredients.

Thirdly, the Nutribullet is brilliantly compact! I’ve had other juicers and blenders in the past that have been quite cumbersome. They are too big to leave on my kitchen top so they end up in a cupboard. Then, because their in the cupboard, it becomes a chore to take them out resulting in me not using them altogether. it’s small enough to leave out or easy to get back out if you really have a small kitchen.

The small size also makes it very portable. A friend of mine takes hers to work with her, personally I’d rather take the smoothie ready made but each to their own!

Fourthly, because it’s so popular, they are very easy to get a hold of now. I got mine from a site based in the UK which can be found with a CLICK HERE, who supply them in the UK (it’s actually an American product in case you didn’t know).

Fifthly, they’re easy to clean! This is a big plus for me because if something is hard to clean and I’m using it day in and day out, I’ll soon stop using it! I know that sounds bad but it’s true.

Are there any downsides?

The only one that I can come up with is that it only comes with one extractor blade. Now for someone like me who depends on this blender day in and day out being without it is a bad thing! Unfortunately for me I had been leaving my extractor blade in water to soak rather than cleaning it straight away and after such heavy usage it did start to rust a little underneath. Oh and don’t confuse it with the magic bullet either, the Nutribullet is far better.

Now this was completely my fault as any metals you treat in this way are going to eventually rust. It would have been great though to have a replacement extractor blade so that I could carry on juicing without waiting for my other one to come. A minor gripe though!


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