Vitamix 5200 review

Vitamix has been long been established as an industry leader when it comes to blenders, they’ve been producing top quality products for years. This long established reputation is both a blessing and a curse for someone looking to buy one of their products. There are so many models out there, it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose one!

Now there are a lot newer models out there at the moment but today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite models, that is the Vitamix 5200. I’ve chosen to talk about this model in particular as all of the later blenders and other models are basically based around this one.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed my Vitamix was just how sturdy it felt. It feels incredibly strongly built and as such it’s actually quite heavy in weight, weighing in at around 10 pounds. The motor is also very powerful, it operates with 2 horse power, small in terms of cars but this is a table top blender, that’s huge! It really is incredible to watch how quickly this blender churns through food.

Another great feature that you instantly notice about the Vitamix is it’s intuitive visual layout. The dials and the switches offer you a range of speed options that allow you to blend your ingredients to your own personal preference. They’re also fairly self explanatory when you come to adjust them too so a user manual really isn’t necessary. Basically there’s an on and off switch, a speed dial and a high speed mode switch, a lot simpler than some other blenders out there.

With your Vitamix you are supplied with a blending container which is easily big enough to contain around 4-5 servings, so it’s really easy to make all of the smoothies that you require for the week, all at once. If you’re like me, when I make a smoothie, suddenly the whole family wants one, so this caters for those needs too.

You also get a grinding container, this is ideal for churning and grinding up things like spices and nuts or whatever else you may need to put in there.

Vitamix have also been thoughtful enough to supply you with a blending rod which basically overcomes the problem that a lot of blenders suffer from and that’s not getting your mixture blended evenly. The rod is designed to be inserted into your ingredients and really push them downwards into the blades, when you’re making 5-6 smoothies at once, this can really be a life saver as not all of the ingredients migrate downwards where you want them to be!

I’ll be further reviewing the Vitamix and making smoothies with it in a later post, for now, if you’re interested in buying one or learning more, you can get yourself over to the Vitamix website at


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